August 20, 2012

4 steps to planning your next sustainable painting project

  1. Ensure your painter has an environmental awareness and procedure plan. Low VOC paint is one step towards better indoor air quality and an easy way to lessen your impact on the environment. Other important areas are the responsible disposal of all paint and dirty water through the use of an Enviro Wash system.
  2. Research or use a colour consultant to advise on which low VOC paint is the most durable and suitable to your location. There is little value selecting the lowest VOC paint if in 2 years time you will need to re-paint the property. Ensure you obtain a range of VOC free primer, sealants and paint options.
  3. Use certified painters in Sustainable Painting Practices who are accredited EnviroPainter® and abide by Green Building Council guidelines.
  4. Ask your painter if they offer CO2 monitoring service post VOC free re-paint within the first six to twelve months of buildings construction and fit-out or have a recent case study you can read.
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