August 06, 2012

Healthy paint choice for office interiors

Downtime during a renovation can be costly to businesses. Relocation of offices, setting up hot desks and a lag in productivity all compound daily and eat into budgets. Businesses could benefit from worker productivity by selecting low odor, low fume, low VOC or VOC free paints on their next refurbishment project.

How are low VOC and VOC free paints different from traditional paints?


VOCs are the chemical vapors paint releases at room temperature. Using low VOC paints enables workers to occupy the newly painted room or premises sooner due to lower odors. Traditional paint continues to release VOC fumes as they cure. 

What benefits can businesses gain from using Low VOC or VOC free paint on their interior offices?


Selecting more sustainable products, such as natural paints or low-VOC paints reduces the downtime workers experience whilst their office needs time to air.
Evidence from a recent study by Bond University’s Institute of Sustainable Development and Architecture, reveals a 90% decrease in employee ill-health, such as asthma (Bond University, 2011). Sensis reported a study based on the refurbishment of 500 Collins Street in Melbourne found a 39% fall in employee sick days, with improved concentration and task productivity (Sensis, 2012).
While a sustainable option can cost more to refurbish or construct, it offers long-term operational savings and evidence shows working in a sustainable workplaces can improve employee well-being and productivity, and can potentially reduce occupational health and safety liabilities for businesses.
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