December 11, 2012

Industrial Painters’ Responsibilities

A building that looks good should be important to commercial property owners’ as it is a customer’s first impression of their business. The exterior condition of a building is reflection of the company’s non-tangible image and possibly lead customers to garner preconceived notions based on simple fixes such as fading or peeling paint.

A professional paint job will go a long way toward updating a commercial property with a small investment. A well maintained building communicates to potential customers that your company values positive customer care.

Painting a commercial premise is not only a financial commitment, other business factor are also impacted such as scheduling and productivity. When selecting the most suitable industrial painter for the task, experience, quality workmanship and warranty on workmanship should be considered. Premier Painting Company have 18 years’ experience and a team who are skilled and knowledgeable on how to make a building look its’ absolute best.

Areas which should be considered include:

1.      Peeling, cracking or flaking paint. As cracks appear and paint begins to fade, so does the company’s image. Consider painting the exterior every five to eight years. Trim can be repainted at a less expensive price every three to four years to extend the life of your exterior decor. Premier Painting’s industrial painting standard services include a double coat of paint and an epoxy and topcoat. Additional services include waterproofing on all outside walls and Lead-paint removal. Industrial painters such as Premier Painting Company also provide handyman services for you. That means that with one company, you’ll get a wide range of painting services that will ensure your building looks better than it ever did before – and that’s important when you need to make an impression.

2.       Paint colour. Select your paint colours carefully. Premier Painting Company offers free colour consultancy with every complete re-paint. A professional consultant will help you to decide on what colours you should get for your business. Specialised computer software is used to help visualise how the colours and style will look on your property.

3.    Walls and Roof. Dirt or debris built up on walls and roofs, which can be seen from the street and easily addressed with regular high-pressure water cleaning. Premier Painting Company can assist with this service and also advise which special finishes would best enhance the façade of the building and create an inviting street presence.   

4.    Graffiti. Graffiti should be eradicated within 24 hours. Leaving graffiti only invites more. Randwick City Council has developed a graffiti management policy to effectively prevent and manage graffiti. The purpose of the policy is to: reduce the incidence of graffiti through education and prosecution, remove graffiti as quickly as possible as a deterrent and remove graffiti using environmental sustainable methods. Alternatively, If this is not available or you require a customised maintenance program, Premier Painting Company can spot and remove graffiti as soon as it occurs.

5.   Windows and awnings. Exterior windows are dirty occasionally. However, it is important that smudges, fingerprints, dirt and water streaks be removed as fast as they appear. Attention to this detail will indicate your business follows through and pays attention to detail. Awnings are important street signage for company’s and should be cleaned regularly to remove dirt and bird droppings.

A simple & regular maintenance program can protect a building from pollution, dirt, grime & salt deposits. Premier Painting Company offers a free maintenance checkup on all exterior paintwork to take the worry and hassle off your hands. A customised maintenance program can be developed in collaboration with the customer to ensure a proactive approach to all problems areas of the building are addressed on a regular basis.

November 18, 2012

Small Community - Big Help
Premier Painting Company are proud to be involved with the local community and to make a difference by investing in important community initiatives.
Premier Painting Company support the following community organisations both time and financial:

·      Clovelly Nippers and Clovelly Surf Life Saving (CSLS) and Clovelly Nippers - helping children grow confidence through water safety and teamwork. A great way for children to make friends, be active and enjoy the beach in a safe environment.

·      Clovelly Public School –painting supplies assist the school with its creative programs such as walls murals and minimising paint wastage. Donations provide for special events such as Trivia nights whereby funds are raised for school improvements.

·      Ronald McDonald House Randwick - re-painting the interiors in the hope it makes it a little more comfortable for families, which stay at RMHC.

Premier Painting Company are committed to helping the local community and hope to encourage others to foster a giving philosophy within their home and business. It may only be in small gestures, but it can make a big difference.  
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October 18, 2012

Environmental Impacts Affecting Your Homes or Buildings Exterior Paint

Homes and buildings should be re-painted every six to seven years to reduce climate and environmental impacts and prolong the life of the property.

Signs that a building may need a repaint include:

       Flaking, peeling and cracking of paint
       Visible signs of rust

Understanding your environmental and climate conditions is important to implementing a maintenance plan to prolong the lifecycle of your paintwork.

Below are the main environmental impacts on paint for homes or buildings residing near the ocean.

Heat and sun damage to paint

Homes on or near the beach should consider that sun and heat exposure can alter the colour and integrity of your exterior paint. When the paint is exposed to heat and humidity over time an effect called “surface leaching” can appear which creates a film-like appearance.

Saltwater impact on paint

Continued exposure to salts will have a negative impact on most building components and compromise the structural integrity of a building. Exposure to salts can also negatively impact on painted or rendered surfaces and can encourage rust and peeling paint.

Moisture build-up affects paint

Homes or buildings near the beach can be prone to moisture build-up. This can result in mould and mildew developing under the eaves or roof. Long-term exposure to mould can erode your paint and encourage flaking and chipping. 

Maintenance tips to prolong the lifecycle of your exterior paint

1.    Regularly wash the paint surface with a mild detergent. Aside from washing specific areas, the only way to restore colours and evenness to its original state is to repaint.
2.    Touch-up high traffic areas. Stubborn areas may require a professional.
3.    Have your home professionally power washed every quarter to prevent contaminants penetrating the surface.
4.    Engage a professional painter in preparing your home using anti-corrosive and sealant materials prior to painting.

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September 16, 2012

Reasons to employ a professional to paint your home

Ever taken a few days off work with the intent to paint the entire home? Weeks, months, years pass by and still haven’t finished?

So many DIY’ers make that final brush stroke just in time to sell and for someone else to reap the benefits of a beautifully finished home.

Why do DIY’ers prolong painting their homes?

Taking on a painting project yourself can be a big commitment.

Preparation time is usually underestimated but it is the foundations create the perfect canvas. Steps involved include; cleaning all surfaces, patching, smoothing, sanding, priming and taping.

Painting your home is a labour intensive task. Ceilings can be worse than a sore back or the source of one. The awkward position of your arm stretched above your head, pushing a paint roller back and forth, trying to avoid paint spatters all over the floorboards and window glass.

Painting your home can also be an inconvenience. Furniture needs to be moved and your home is unusable for a period of time whilst the preparation, painting and drying occurs. Finding time in between work, family and social activities can be difficult. So, the quicker it’s all completed the better! But, you don’t want to compromise on quality or workmanship.

Benefits of employing a professional to paint your home

1.    Warranty on workmanship
2.    Current technology, techniques and equipment
3.    Certified, accredited and experience
4.    Competent in specialized painting solutions such as lead management and asbestos management
5.    Qualified and experience in high risk projects which involve heights, toxic and hazardous materials or high pressure and heavy machinery.
6.    Tailored and specific colour consultancy services
7.    Full range of environmentally sustainable painting solutions.
8.    Onsite project manager ensures job completed on time

Premier Painting Company is a Sydney based, Award winning painting and decorating specialist that clients trust to transform and maintain their property, cost effectively, securely and on time. Premier Painting Company have been established for 18 years and earned an excellent reputation in the painting and decorating industry for quality workmanship, project management, customer service and being environmentally and socially responsible.

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August 20, 2012

4 steps to planning your next sustainable painting project

  1. Ensure your painter has an environmental awareness and procedure plan. Low VOC paint is one step towards better indoor air quality and an easy way to lessen your impact on the environment. Other important areas are the responsible disposal of all paint and dirty water through the use of an Enviro Wash system.
  2. Research or use a colour consultant to advise on which low VOC paint is the most durable and suitable to your location. There is little value selecting the lowest VOC paint if in 2 years time you will need to re-paint the property. Ensure you obtain a range of VOC free primer, sealants and paint options.
  3. Use certified painters in Sustainable Painting Practices who are accredited EnviroPainter® and abide by Green Building Council guidelines.
  4. Ask your painter if they offer CO2 monitoring service post VOC free re-paint within the first six to twelve months of buildings construction and fit-out or have a recent case study you can read.
Premier Painting Company is a Sydney based, Award winning painting and decorating specialist that clients trust to transform and maintain their property, cost effectively, securely and on time. Premier Painting Company have been established for 18 years and earned an excellent reputation in the painting and decorating industry for quality workmanship, project management, customer service and being environmentally and socially responsible.

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August 06, 2012

Healthy paint choice for office interiors

Downtime during a renovation can be costly to businesses. Relocation of offices, setting up hot desks and a lag in productivity all compound daily and eat into budgets. Businesses could benefit from worker productivity by selecting low odor, low fume, low VOC or VOC free paints on their next refurbishment project.

How are low VOC and VOC free paints different from traditional paints?


VOCs are the chemical vapors paint releases at room temperature. Using low VOC paints enables workers to occupy the newly painted room or premises sooner due to lower odors. Traditional paint continues to release VOC fumes as they cure. 

What benefits can businesses gain from using Low VOC or VOC free paint on their interior offices?


Selecting more sustainable products, such as natural paints or low-VOC paints reduces the downtime workers experience whilst their office needs time to air.
Evidence from a recent study by Bond University’s Institute of Sustainable Development and Architecture, reveals a 90% decrease in employee ill-health, such as asthma (Bond University, 2011). Sensis reported a study based on the refurbishment of 500 Collins Street in Melbourne found a 39% fall in employee sick days, with improved concentration and task productivity (Sensis, 2012).
While a sustainable option can cost more to refurbish or construct, it offers long-term operational savings and evidence shows working in a sustainable workplaces can improve employee well-being and productivity, and can potentially reduce occupational health and safety liabilities for businesses.
Premier Painting Company is a Sydney based, Award winning painting and decorating specialist that clients trust to transform and maintain their property, cost effectively, securely and on time. Premier Painting Company have been established for 18 years and earned an excellent reputation in the painting and decorating industry for quality workmanship, project management, customer service and being environmentally and socially responsible.

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July 13, 2012

Commercial Painting Services - Sydney and all over NSW

Premier Painting Company is an active member of Master Painters Australia and offers 18 years of experience in painting residential and commercial property in Sydney and all over NSW. We have earned an excellent reputation in the painting and decorating industry for its quality project management, high standard of workmanship, and its ability to complete projects on time.
 With a strong emphasis on safety while also providing client specific Painting and Maintenance programmes in facilities such as Schools, Government, Council, hospitality, Strata & commercial buildings. Whilst forging lasting relationships and a reputation for excellence in managing.

Each project is carefully managed and supervised, to ensure works are completed exactly as specified. Our highly skilled staff are always on hand. We can offer you a quality painting service tailored to your project budget. We employ only experienced and knowledgeable trades people who are continually assessed and educated in industry updates.

July 12, 2012

Painting services in Sydney: Interior & Exterior – Commercial & Domestic

Premier painting company provides Interior & Exterior domestic and commercial painting services to domestic properties, insurance companies, Real Estate Agents, Home builders, Commercial builders, office & shop-fitters.

At Premier Painting Company we offer a full range services using various painting systems. We cover all interior & exterior domestic and commercial projects ranging from the smallest studio unit to large commercial projects (see our Gallery). We regularly provide service to insurance companies, body corporates, high quality Real Estate Agents, Home builders, Commercial builders office & shop-fitters and of course a vast list of domestic properties.