June 03, 2013

Beware Danger Lurking!

Does your property have lead based paint?

Homes built pre 1970 are said to have used lead-based paints. These paints were used both inside and outside buildings.

Lead is extremely hazardous. It is a cumulative poison and even small levels in the body can have severe effects on you, and those around you.

If your home is built pre-1970 and the paint is damaged or disturbed - or likely to go that way - then your best course of action is to have it professionally removed. 

Lead particles are released when old lead paint flakes & peels, and collects as dust in ceiling, wall and floor voids. Should this paint be removed from the surface it can create lead dust making it airborne and enabling inhalation and absorbed into the blood stream. If dust is generated it MUST be contained and the disposal of contaminated waste must be carried out with all care.

Do’s and Don’ts

     -  DO use a professional to test for lead-based paint

     -  DO cover the paint, or remove by wet scraping, wet sanding, chemical stripping, or heat processes

     -  DO use protective clothing (coveralls, booties, hat, gloves) and a respirator (meeting the requirements of Australian Standard 1716)

     -  DO clean up thoroughly

     -  DO Properly contain and dispose of waste

     -  DON’T dry sand or dry scrape or use an ordinary power sander

     -  DON’T sandblast

     -  DON’T work outside on a wet or windy day

     -  DON’T use an open flame torch or high temperature heat gun

     -  DON’T eat, smoke or drink in the work area or with contaminated hands

     -  DON’T allow children, pregnant or nursing women in a house or area where lead-based paint is being disturbed.

Unsure if you are working with lead? Contact Premier Painting Company to perform a certified Lead Paint Test on your property to ensure that you are not dealing with this dangerous substance. 

Premier Painting Company offer specialist-painting services to the Historic Houses Trust. These buildings require a unique understanding of lead management and Premier Painting Company are accredited to manage the removal asbestos which is critical in provide an end to end painting solution to these clients. For more information about our lead removal and painting services, visit our website today.