October 18, 2012

Environmental Impacts Affecting Your Homes or Buildings Exterior Paint

Homes and buildings should be re-painted every six to seven years to reduce climate and environmental impacts and prolong the life of the property.

Signs that a building may need a repaint include:

       Flaking, peeling and cracking of paint
       Visible signs of rust

Understanding your environmental and climate conditions is important to implementing a maintenance plan to prolong the lifecycle of your paintwork.

Below are the main environmental impacts on paint for homes or buildings residing near the ocean.

Heat and sun damage to paint

Homes on or near the beach should consider that sun and heat exposure can alter the colour and integrity of your exterior paint. When the paint is exposed to heat and humidity over time an effect called “surface leaching” can appear which creates a film-like appearance.

Saltwater impact on paint

Continued exposure to salts will have a negative impact on most building components and compromise the structural integrity of a building. Exposure to salts can also negatively impact on painted or rendered surfaces and can encourage rust and peeling paint.

Moisture build-up affects paint

Homes or buildings near the beach can be prone to moisture build-up. This can result in mould and mildew developing under the eaves or roof. Long-term exposure to mould can erode your paint and encourage flaking and chipping. 

Maintenance tips to prolong the lifecycle of your exterior paint

1.    Regularly wash the paint surface with a mild detergent. Aside from washing specific areas, the only way to restore colours and evenness to its original state is to repaint.
2.    Touch-up high traffic areas. Stubborn areas may require a professional.
3.    Have your home professionally power washed every quarter to prevent contaminants penetrating the surface.
4.    Engage a professional painter in preparing your home using anti-corrosive and sealant materials prior to painting.

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