September 16, 2012

Reasons to employ a professional to paint your home

Ever taken a few days off work with the intent to paint the entire home? Weeks, months, years pass by and still haven’t finished?

So many DIY’ers make that final brush stroke just in time to sell and for someone else to reap the benefits of a beautifully finished home.

Why do DIY’ers prolong painting their homes?

Taking on a painting project yourself can be a big commitment.

Preparation time is usually underestimated but it is the foundations create the perfect canvas. Steps involved include; cleaning all surfaces, patching, smoothing, sanding, priming and taping.

Painting your home is a labour intensive task. Ceilings can be worse than a sore back or the source of one. The awkward position of your arm stretched above your head, pushing a paint roller back and forth, trying to avoid paint spatters all over the floorboards and window glass.

Painting your home can also be an inconvenience. Furniture needs to be moved and your home is unusable for a period of time whilst the preparation, painting and drying occurs. Finding time in between work, family and social activities can be difficult. So, the quicker it’s all completed the better! But, you don’t want to compromise on quality or workmanship.

Benefits of employing a professional to paint your home

1.    Warranty on workmanship
2.    Current technology, techniques and equipment
3.    Certified, accredited and experience
4.    Competent in specialized painting solutions such as lead management and asbestos management
5.    Qualified and experience in high risk projects which involve heights, toxic and hazardous materials or high pressure and heavy machinery.
6.    Tailored and specific colour consultancy services
7.    Full range of environmentally sustainable painting solutions.
8.    Onsite project manager ensures job completed on time

Premier Painting Company is a Sydney based, Award winning painting and decorating specialist that clients trust to transform and maintain their property, cost effectively, securely and on time. Premier Painting Company have been established for 18 years and earned an excellent reputation in the painting and decorating industry for quality workmanship, project management, customer service and being environmentally and socially responsible.

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