December 11, 2012

Industrial Painters’ Responsibilities

A building that looks good should be important to commercial property owners’ as it is a customer’s first impression of their business. The exterior condition of a building is reflection of the company’s non-tangible image and possibly lead customers to garner preconceived notions based on simple fixes such as fading or peeling paint.

A professional paint job will go a long way toward updating a commercial property with a small investment. A well maintained building communicates to potential customers that your company values positive customer care.

Painting a commercial premise is not only a financial commitment, other business factor are also impacted such as scheduling and productivity. When selecting the most suitable industrial painter for the task, experience, quality workmanship and warranty on workmanship should be considered. Premier Painting Company have 18 years’ experience and a team who are skilled and knowledgeable on how to make a building look its’ absolute best.

Areas which should be considered include:

1.      Peeling, cracking or flaking paint. As cracks appear and paint begins to fade, so does the company’s image. Consider painting the exterior every five to eight years. Trim can be repainted at a less expensive price every three to four years to extend the life of your exterior decor. Premier Painting’s industrial painting standard services include a double coat of paint and an epoxy and topcoat. Additional services include waterproofing on all outside walls and Lead-paint removal. Industrial painters such as Premier Painting Company also provide handyman services for you. That means that with one company, you’ll get a wide range of painting services that will ensure your building looks better than it ever did before – and that’s important when you need to make an impression.

2.       Paint colour. Select your paint colours carefully. Premier Painting Company offers free colour consultancy with every complete re-paint. A professional consultant will help you to decide on what colours you should get for your business. Specialised computer software is used to help visualise how the colours and style will look on your property.

3.    Walls and Roof. Dirt or debris built up on walls and roofs, which can be seen from the street and easily addressed with regular high-pressure water cleaning. Premier Painting Company can assist with this service and also advise which special finishes would best enhance the fa├žade of the building and create an inviting street presence.   

4.    Graffiti. Graffiti should be eradicated within 24 hours. Leaving graffiti only invites more. Randwick City Council has developed a graffiti management policy to effectively prevent and manage graffiti. The purpose of the policy is to: reduce the incidence of graffiti through education and prosecution, remove graffiti as quickly as possible as a deterrent and remove graffiti using environmental sustainable methods. Alternatively, If this is not available or you require a customised maintenance program, Premier Painting Company can spot and remove graffiti as soon as it occurs.

5.   Windows and awnings. Exterior windows are dirty occasionally. However, it is important that smudges, fingerprints, dirt and water streaks be removed as fast as they appear. Attention to this detail will indicate your business follows through and pays attention to detail. Awnings are important street signage for company’s and should be cleaned regularly to remove dirt and bird droppings.

A simple & regular maintenance program can protect a building from pollution, dirt, grime & salt deposits. Premier Painting Company offers a free maintenance checkup on all exterior paintwork to take the worry and hassle off your hands. A customised maintenance program can be developed in collaboration with the customer to ensure a proactive approach to all problems areas of the building are addressed on a regular basis.